Ready for the Hair Boss Masterclass course?!

We’re always working to make sure you have the tools you need to succeed. My partners and I have been working on this for several months and we’re going to be releasing our Masterclass within the next couple of weeks!

This course is entirely focused on two thing: helping new and experienced entrepreneurs get into the hair extensions industry and helping established hair/beauty brands grow.

This course includes dozens of interactive video tutorials, accompanying assignments, ongoing email support and access to a small, exclusive mastermind group of  hair-preneurs that are serious about building their brands.

This is a complete brain dump of everything we know about getting into the hair extensions industry and winning. We’ll show you exactly how to discover, establish and monetize your unique positioning in the hair extensions industry, thoughtfully build out your brand, market your products and services and stand out in a crowded landscape.

However, we need your help. To continue perfecting the course, we need to make sure we’ve covered everything.

That’s where you come in.

Please take a couple minutes to answer this super short survey. There’s really only one thing we want to ask you:

What are your two top questions about getting into the hair extensions industry that we absolutely need to answer in this training course?